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"We are a small practice with a big heart"

Now Teledentistry through


  • In Practice for 30 years

  • Featured in TucsonLifestlye ( Dec,2019) as Top Dentist 

  • Trained with Georgetown & Howard University – Oral Surgery Program

  • Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry

  • Appointed by the Receivership of the US Supreme Court to help modify and improve dental care in the D.C. prison system

  • Dental Director for 3 clinics in MD

  • Started practice in Tucson – March 2004

  • Allied Health Instructor – Dental Assisting Programs since 1997

"It has been a journey”

Sharon E. Lister D.D.S.

In 2009, I was informed that my building would be acquired and demolished due to the RTA Grant Road construction project.  The search for a new location was difficult and resulted in a double relocation.  I was set up in a transitional office space on First Avenue while continuing to look for a permanent location.  I finally found a building at 3710 N. Oracle Rd. and we accomplished the move within six months.


Many of my patients have been with me since 2004. They have been so loyal and have followed me from the transition space to here.  My senior patients express an almost “granddaughter type” pride in my accomplishments and the new office.

What I like most about being a dentist are the final results. Dentistry is like an art to me since I can see the final product.  My patients feel good about their smile. I have attended Integrative Medicine Seminars, and will incorporate this philosophy into my practice.


My Mission:  I want my patients to feel good about their smile, since it sets the tone for their self-esteem.

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"I have been a patient with Dr. Lister for 8 years.  She and her office staff are efficient, gentle and caring.  The new facility is amazing.  I hope I never have to go anywhere else because I will never leave this dentist."


"I am a retired Dean from Pima College. Dr. Sharon Lister and her dedicated team have taken care of all my dental needs for over a decade!"


"Dr. Lister and Crew: a warm, comforting, professional visit! After ten plus years, I know them all like family. And I know that I had darn well better floss!"


"I have never liked going to the dentist. The sound of a drill is enough to send me into a tizzy. Then I found Dr. Lister. Her compassion, professionalism and sense of humor made me a convert! Thanks to her and her wonderful team, I have gotten critical work done on my teeth, without becoming a nervous wreck."


"I had gone into Dr. Lister’s office because I was wanting a second opinion on a plan that I got from my previous Dentist, and Dr. Lister came highly recommended.  I was greeted by Alicia very pleasantly, by my first name.  This gave me a very comforting “at home” feeling.  Because I had an appointment, I was taken into the back and met with Dr. Lister, and her assistant Denise.  They added to the at home feeling, and truly made me feel like part of their extended family.  Dr. Lister walked me through every step of the process, and made my dental visit very tolerable, and informative.  Her staff is top notch, and at no point in time did I ever feel like just another patient.  Best experience I have ever had at a dental office, and they have earned a patient/family member for life."


3710 N Oracle Road

Tucson, AZ 85705

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